Farage: Blue Passports Are The First Sign We're Getting Our Country Back

3 April 2017, 21:25

Farage: Blue Passports Are The First Sign We're Getting Our Country Back

Nigel Farage cities the return of blue passports as the first step to "regaining our country back".


Britain’s “iconic” dark blue passports are set to make a return as part of a £500m post-Brexit revamp, and Nigel Farage is jubilant.

The politician has frequently called for the old design to be brought back, and it appears his wishes may finally be coming true.

Speaking from Strasbourg brandishing his current burgundy passport, Nigel lauded: “Hurray!

“I was laughed at for holding up my passport, for saying I want to get back a British passport and it’s now going to happen.”

He continued: “I’m happy, like most of you I don’t really care what colour it is, although being over a certain age blue is great, it’s getting the words ‘European Union’ off that really matters.

“We voted to get back our country, we voted to get back our passports, we voted to get back our individuality as to who we are as a proud, positive nation and this weekend we took a step in the right direction.”

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