Nigel Farage Brands EU 'Anti-British' In Furious Gibraltar Rant

3 April 2017, 20:20

Nigel Farage Blasts 'Anti-British' EU In Furious Gibraltar Rant

The European Union wants Spain to be able to veto any Brexit deal applying to Gibraltar and Nigel Farage is seething.

Nigel Farage branded the European Union “anti-British” in a furious rant over the bloc’s draft Brexit negotiation plan which gives Spain a veto of any Brexit deal which impacts Gibraltar.

Speaking on his LBC show from Strasbourg, Nigel accused the EU of “bullying” and described the controversial move as an attempt to ruin Brexit negotiations before they had even begun.

“What an inconsistent bunch of hypocrites these people are,” Nigel thundered.

“How can it be that Spain is given a veto? How can it be that Spain can stop the whole thing if they’re not given Gibraltar?

“It just goes to show you, the complete anti-Britishness that I’ve been saying for 20 years exists within this place, it is, as far as these talks are concerned, a disaster.”

Turning his attention to the President of the European Council, Nigel continued: “I think Tusk is a fool to have written this into the process, frankly this is a very low grade form of bullying.

“And do you know what? We’re not going to put up with it.”

Listen to Nigel’s passionate tirade in full above.

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