Nigel Farage's Take On Ukip After Mark Reckless Resigns

6 April 2017, 20:04

Nigel Farage: Mark Reckless’ Resignation Is Not The End Of Ukip

This is Nigel Farage's response to Mark Reckless, who quit Ukip today, but will not call a by-election.


Ukip suffered another high-profile politician quitting the party today, but Nigel Farage is adamant the Eurosceptic group still has more to offer.

Mark Reckless announced his resignation from the Welsh Assembly under the Ukip rosette on Thursday, claiming he no longer needed to be a member of the party as it was "job done" with Brexit.

He follows Douglas Carswell, who quit as the party's only MP last month - both had previously defected from the Conservatives.

Nigel believes it's "deeply disappointing" and "dishonourable" of the pair for not calling a by-election and instead continuing as Independents.

Speaking on his nightly LBC show, the former Ukip leader said: "I guess probably [Mark Reckless'] political career and reputation is pretty fully washed up today.

"Do these people have any idea just how much contempt politicians are held in by millions of people out there? And the actions of these two in the last week has confirmed that."

Talking about the future of the party, Nigel continued: "I suppose in one way it's a good thing they've left Ukip if that's how they think and we can get on with the job, and I suspect Ukip has got a lot more to do over the course of the next few years."

Watch Nigel's reaction in full above.

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