Nigel Farage Recalls The Moment He Was Shouted At By Tony Blair

1 May 2017, 20:04

Nigel Farage Recalls The Moment He Was Shouted At By Tony Blair

Nigel Farage recalls the moment he was shouted at by former prime minister Tony Blair.


Nigel Farage recalled the moment he became the “first person” to be shouted at by Tony Blair.

It’s as the former Labour prime minister hinted he could return to politics in a bid to influence the Brexit debate.

The pair met in Brussels in 2005, when Mr Blair was acting as president of the European Council.

Nigel described him an “utterly charming” man who held a “good sense of humour” - adding his speech in the European Parliament was the “best I’ve ever seen”.

However, during a press briefing with fellow MEPs Nigel criticised Mr Blair’s attempts to reform the EU’s agricultural policy.

His comments are said to have turned Mr Blair “puce”, as Nigel quipped: “He pointed his finger at me and he shouted ‘this isn’t 1945! We’re not at war with these people anymore, they’re our friends’.”

The LBC presenter finished: “I think I am the only person he has actually ever shouted at.”

You can watch their clash from 2005 below.

Nigel Farage takes on Tony Blair Back In 2005

The moment Nigel Farage clashed with Tony Blair in 2005.


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