Farage Says Deport 10,000 Migrant Criminals, Foreign Convict Disagrees

13 February 2017, 20:27

Nigel Farage comeback

When Nigel Farage suggested deporting 10,000 migrants in UK jails as a way to solve the prison crisis, this foreign national who served time did not agree.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nigel was responding to the justice secretary’s speech on Monday.

Liz Truss said overcrowding in prisons could not be cut with “dangerous quick fix solutions”.

But, Nigel said an instant way to reduce numbers would be to deport 10,000 migrants currently in UK prisons back to their home countries.

Unhappy with the solution, foreign national Mimi called Nigel and told him she had spent four-and-a-half-years in a UK jail and deporting overseas criminals was not the answer.

“When I was in prison, there was no reform. The was was no rehabilitation,” she said.

“Some people were coming in and out of the revolving door, British nationals, around the revolving door because prison doesn't change the individual.”

Nigel responded: “To be fair I have been arguing on this programme against people who've been saying prison should be really harsh and really tough.

“I’m completely with you on that, but Mimi you also said that foreign nationals are an insignificant total compared with the prison population, they’re not, they're 15 percent and it is a very real figure.”

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