Farage Tears Apart Corbyn's Chances "He's Going To Get Mullered"

18 April 2017, 20:47

Nigel Farage Explains Why Jeremy Corbyn Will Fail Badly In June


The Ukip MEP made clear exactly why he believes Jeremy Corbyn will suffer badly in June's election.

"He's going to get absolutely mullered."

This was the withering verdict of Corbyn's chances that Nigel Farage delivered on his LBC show this evening.

"I think, in these elections he's going to have a terrible time. He doesn't really connect, he seems to represent a sort of very cliquey north London view of somewhat outdated socialism." Is how Nigel thinks a lot of people view the Labour leader.

He also pointed out another problem that Corbyn faces in theis election that will be fought over the issue of Brexit: Corbyn's flip-flopping.

"You are selling me Corbyn as this great principled man that cares and I'm saying to you that on the most important political issue of our day he's turned his back on what he stood for for 33 years and he now is fighting this election and I honestly, Steve, for the life of me, I don't know what his current policy on Brexit really is."

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