"I Could Not Take Stronger Offence At That!"

17 January 2017, 18:43

Nigel Farage Up In Arms

Nigel Farage has to step in when this caller accuses him of exploiting British fishermen in order to win the referendum.

The former Ukip leader - and newest LBC presenter - was hosting an extended edition of The Nigel Farage Show, when Carol phoned up to congratulate Theresa May.

She even made Nigel laugh with her comment that May was surrounded by "simpering, weak, spineless men.

"It takes a woman to try and get us out of this big, horrible, awful mess!"

But things turned a bit more personal when Carol accused Farage of championing British fishermen without actually caring about the problems they face.

Remainer Accuses Farage Of Cynically Exploiting Fishermen

Nigel Farage comes under a very personal attack from this angry Remain voter.


"I'd like to thank you for giving me the biggest laugh to start this week. You're bothered about the fishermen? You must be joking.

"You used it when you needed it and you couldn't - " At this point all Carol could manage was an exasperated sigh, giving Mr Farage a chance to defend himself.

"I could not take stronger offence to that," he told her. "I am a strong defender of our fishing community.

"I will campaign like crazy...if getting back our territorial waters is not put on the agenda."

Carol continued her attack, telling Farage: 'I'm sick of hearing we all wanted it. I can tell you, we didn't."

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