"I've Never Heard Such Baloney!" Farage Left Outraged Over Caller's EU Statistics

21 February 2017, 22:06

Nigel Farage 21st February 2017

When a caller suggested that the UK's finances are better off by being in the EU, Farage failed to hide his anger.

"I've Never Heard Such Baloney!" Caller's EU Statistics Outrage Farage

Nigel Farage claims that caller Jason's statistics are false and inaccurate.


Nigel Farage was left outraged after a caller suggested that the UK was better off financially by being in the European Union.

The caller offered "accurate and fact checkable" statistics, claiming that the freedom of movement generates £28million a day for the UK economy.

Farage said: "I've never heard such baloney or such spurious statistics in my life. We do not need to be members of a political union to buy and sell goods from each other."

Farage continued by suggesting that rather than paying the membership fee to the European Union that money could be used to build hospitals in the UK.

He said: "I tell you what, with that money you could build a really good, big brand new District General Hospital every single week in this country."

During the show, Nigel was taking a swipe at Jean-Claude Juncker after he promised that Brexit will not come "at a discount or at zero cost" to the UK.

Reports also suggested that the UK could have to pay the EU up to £51billion after Britain's exit talks start.

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