Fed Up Leave Voter Tells Remainers: Stop Calling Me A Numpty For Backing Brexit

25 April 2017, 21:18

Leave Voter Fed Up With Remainers Calling Him A "Numpty" For Brexit

This Leave voter confides in Nigel after becoming so fed up with being mocked by Remainers.


It has been 10 months since Brits opted for Brexit, yet this LBC caller is fed up with Remainers still telling him he didn’t know what was he voting for.

Simon from Bolton confided in Nigel Farage on his LBC show to share the stick he had come under for supporting Brexit.

The LBC caller said: “I do listen to LBC and I was tuned in this afternoon and a caller rang in, a person from Chelsea who basically said that all the ‘numpties from the North’ who voted to Leave didn't know what they were voting for.”

Simon explained he was ex-military and had “fought for Queen and country”.

He added: “I voted Leave and I knew exactly what I was voting for, I knew exactly what it was, I did all my research and I'm getting a bit sick to death with all this."

Simon reiterated: “I know what I'm doing, I'm 60, and I know exactly what I am doing.”

Nigel congratulated Simon for choosing to back Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The LBC presenter then turned his attention to the shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, who revealed Labour’s position on leaving the EU on Tuesday.

Nigel said: “I’m not sure he Labour Party's prospects have been improved in Bolton today because what Starmer has done is he's tried to keep everybody together in the Labour family.

“Actually on the issue that was clear as Brexit I think you have to make a decision and I think Labour frankly are more doomed this evening than they were this morning.”

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