Marine Le Pen Slams "Inconsistent" Theresa May

15 March 2017, 07:02

Le Pen Not Impressed With Theresa May's "Contradictions"


In an exclusive interview with Nigel Farage for LBC, outspoken French Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen has attacked Theresa May over what she calls "contradictions" over Brexit.

Farage asked the Front National woman for her take on Theresa May "rolling out the red carpet" for Emmanuel Macron, the centrist seen as the favourite to win the election.

But according to Le Pen, May made a big mistake in her meeting with Macron.

Asked by Nigel Farage: "Has the British Prime Minister snubbed you?", Le Pen replied: "It seems to be the case. I find it difficult to understand the consistency of the ideas and convictions in this approach of hers because Mr Macron is of course the key salesperson of globalisation.

"He’s for everything, deregulation of everything, opening up the borders, mass immigration. He went to Algeria, he explained it was necessary to build a bridge as it were between Europe and Algeria for even more immigration which is the opposite of what Brexit stands for in the choice made by the British people, so I do not understand this inconsistency, this contradiction between what Theresa May stands for because she has decided to be the woman who will implement Brexit and her meeting with Emmanuel Macron."

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"Have you asked for a meeting?" Farage asked her. "Have you actually said, "Please can I come and see you?"

Le Pen: "No, I did not ask to meet her, but if I am elected, I will have to meet her."

Nigel Farage Meets Marine Le Pen: The Full Interview, Wednesday, 7pm - Only On LBC

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