Muslim Caller Challenges Nigel Farage To Read The Quran

14 February 2017, 21:17

Nigel Farage in Strasbourg

This is the moment LBC caller Faris threw down the gauntlet for Nigel Farage to read the Quran and try to find a fault inside.

Nigel Farage Challenged To Read The Quran By Muslim Caller

This is the moment an LBC caller of Muslim faith challenged Nigel Farage to read the Quran.


Faris, a practising Muslim, claimed most people “didn’t know what they were talking about” when referring to the religion because they hadn’t read the holy book.

Speaking during a debate on how Muslims integrate within British society, Faris challenged Nigel on his LBC show.

“How many books have you read in your life?” He asked a bemused Nigel.

“Non of the LBC presenters have ever read the Holy Quran,” Faris continued.

“You go and read it and if you find any mistake in it you can ban it in this country.

“Most people don’t know what they’re talking about, like Trump, like yourself.”

Nigel responded: “I’m not going to have a fight with you on this, I have never spoken out against the religion of Islam.

“I’ve spoken out against Islamic terrorism and I have actually had a very comprehensive lecture on the Quran.

“There are parts at the end of it that are slightly worrying, just as in the Bible, there are parts at the beginning of it that are slightly worrying.”

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