Muslim Man to Farage: That Scumbag Doesn’t Represent My Religion

23 March 2017, 21:16

Muslim Man to Farage: That Scumbag Doesn’t Represent My Religion

Abdul wanted to make clear to Nigel that the Westminster terror attack was nothing to do with Islam.


Abdul gave Nigel Farage a call to make clear the Westminster terror attack had nothing to do with Islam...

“I’m a bit annoyed to be quite frank and honest,” Abdul told Nigel on his LBC show.

“I’m a born and brought-up East Ender, and that scumbag who has killed innocent lives, he has not done it under my religion.”

Five people died in Wednesday’s atrocity, with the attacker named by police as 52-year-old British born Muslim Khalid Masood.

“He might say he’s a Muslim,” Abdul continued. “But to be honest with you he's not a Muslim because in Islam it's said that you can't kill innocent people, do you understand?

“This person whose killed innocent lives - that could have been my brother, it could have been my sister and that's the standpoint I'm looking at.”

Nigel Farage feels Britain has been left divided in the wake of the attack on London. Watch his response in full here.

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