Nigel Farage Still Can’t Work Out What Labour’s Stance On Brexit Is

9 May 2017, 20:09

Nigel Farage has spent weeks trying to work out what Labour's stance on Brexit is, but on the day the party officially launched their election campaign he was still completely baffled.

It’s after Jeremy Corbyn declined a number of times during a BBC interview to say whether Britain was definitely leaving the EU if he became prime minister - despite saying “Brexit is settled”.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nigel listed what some of the other main parties thought about Brexit - but when he got to Labour, he struggled.

Nigel said: “Theresa May backed Remain in the referendum, she may well for her whole career in politics have supported the European Union but she's making it clear, she says 'Brexit means Brexit, vote for me’.”

Moving on to the Liberal Democrats, Nigel said Tim Farron was arguing that leaving the EU was a “big mistake” and although Nigel didn’t agree with it, he praised the party for being “clear”.

But what about Mr Corbyn? Nigel finished: “I really do think that the Labour Party have been in real trouble on this issue and I wonder after that interview with Laura Kuenssberg  today quite how they get back from this.”

Watch the video in full above and make up your own mind.

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