Nigel Farage: A Small Minority Of People Feel "European"

27 June 2017, 20:42

Nigel Farage: A Small Minority Of People Feel "European"

Nigel Farage: A Small Minority Of People Feel "European"


Nigel Farage says that despite the EU's best efforts, "the French feel French, the Germans feel German"

Caller Ross asked the LBC presenter “what makes the UK different from the EEC?”

Farage replied: “We have a common language, a common culture. A common shared history.

“Ultimately we would stand up and be prepared to make sacrifices to help each other.”

Nigel Farage Ross

He also corrected Ross saying that the EEC is now the EU, and continued:

“It’s still only a small minority that feel European.

“The majority of people across this United Kingdom, identify first and foremost with their United Kingdom or British identity, we don’t recognise Europe as being the same thing.”

Watch the whole clip above.

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