"That's Naughty Nigel": Caller Accuses Farage Over Brexit Comments

1 February 2017, 21:39

Nigel Farage in Brussels

An LBC caller exploded with rage as he accused a joyous Nigel Farage of making things up as the former Ukip leader celebrated parliament's Brexit vote.

The call escalated quickly when the caller hit out at Nigel's claims that more people are now pro-Brexit than when we originally voted to leave the EU.

When the former UKIP leader asked the question "have we passed the point of no return?" things swifty got heated between Henry and the LBC presenter.

'That's Naughty, Nigel': Caller's Explosive Row With Farage


Henry: “I think your team should put their pitchforks away, because Article 50 could be revoked. If the EU changes as much as we hope, then we might be able to revoke the decision to leave. So it’s not over yet I’ll have you know.”

Nigel: “Surely with all these huge problems that the EU faces, the EU needs to decentralise and give power back to the people. Henry I have been here for 18 years and I can tell you these people would rather sink with the ship than give up on a European political project. The idea that the EU is going to change into something that we’d even consider being part of is nonsense."

The conversation quicky descended into a shouting match:

Henry: “Just because you won by first by the post majority, don’t think we should just accept the majority, that’s not how most democracies work.”

Nigel: “Clearly the margin has changed and whilst I would accept that 52 - 48 isn’t overwhelming. Every single day people contact this show and let me know and that margin is now considerably bigger than it was then.”

Henry: “You’ve just invented that figure Nigel. That’s a typical pre-Brexit respomse. The reality is probably soft Brexit plus remainers. The country was split down the middle and still is! Simply majoritariasm is not democracy. You’re making stuff up Nigel and that’s naughty!”

Nigel Farage: Article 50: Have We Reached The Point Of No Return?

Nigel isn't getting complacent about the Commons vote just yet!


“I've teased all evening that we've reached the point of no return. But you know what, I don’t quite believe it. And that’s because there are big powerful influencers; businesses, banks and politics who will do everything they can to maintain their way of life that has made them so very comfortable. I'm pleased with what's happened today. It is a historic move... but you know what, I’m no going to get complacent just yet.”

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