Nigel Farage Has A Simple Question For Theresa May On Terrorism

24 May 2017, 20:01

Nigel Farage’s Simple Question To Theresa May On Terrorism

Nigel Farage poses a simple question for the Prime Minister on terror.


Nigel Farage has a simple question for Theresa May when it comes to fighting terrorism in Britain.

The outspoken politician was discussing how Britain should handle the 3,500 suspected terrorists currently known to authorities in the UK.

Before taking residence at Number 10, Mrs May served as Home Secretary for the longest period in 150 years.

But, speaking on his nightly LBC show, Nigel called out the Prime Minister by simply asking what was being done to prevent the thousands of suspects committing a terror attack.

He said: “What have we done? I want to know this!

“What have we done to stop people who have been and fought in brutal war zones, who’ve learnt how to make bombs, what have we done to stop them coming back into our communities?”

Watch the passionate rant in full above.

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