Nigel Farage: Labour's Failed Amendment Raises “An Interesting Point”

28 June 2017, 20:47

Nigel Farage: Labour Amendment Raises "An Interesting Point"

Nigel Farage: Labour Amendment Raises "An Interesting Point"


Despite Labour losing the amendment vote, Nigel Farage stressed that they have made a “very” good point.

The Presenter explained that “what Labour are asking for is for the government to scrap the 1% pay cap that is in place for increases in pay for 5 million public sector workers.”

Farage joked that if Labour had won, we may be looking at “another general election”.

He went on to say that: “It’s been 7 years since people in the public sector have had more than 1% increase per annum.

“Inflation is up at nearly 2.5%, interest rates are set to rise.

“People on not very big salaries are finding life tough. And certainly if they live in London."

Nigel Farage Pay Cap
Nigel Farage Pay Cap

Weighing up the argument however, Farage pointed out “we’re told by Oliver Letwin that if we pay more to public sector workers, it will mean tax increases.”

Watch the full clip above.

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