Nigel Farage Calls For Trade Deal To Be Done With USA Now

16 January 2017, 19:55

Nigel Farage LBC Studio

Let's capitalise on Donald Trump's affection for Britain and do a trade deal with the United States right now, says Nigel Farage.

Speaking on his LBC show tonight - which came live from Strasbourg - Farage said Donald Trump's enthusiasm for a deal with Britain was proof of what he said during the referendum campaign.

"For those of us who fought for Brexit," he started, "Arguing that free from the European Union there was a big world out there we could start to engage with, what Donald Trump has said today confirmed everything I'd heard in my meetings in Trump Tower, not just with him but with his colleagues around him.

"We have got the opportunity here to strike a rapid trade deal with the United States of America.

"When I say rapid, I don't mean two years or five years or ten years. This could be done within 90 days. That is what the Americans want to do. We must not look this gift horse in the mouth.

"What we've got to do is make sure that Mrs May is not told by Mr Juncker and all the other people in the European Union that we're not allowed to do a trade deal until we leave the E.U. in over two years' time.

"We need the Prime Minister, we need the British government, to start acting in our interests. Let's get on with it!"

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