Nigel Farage Gives His Verdict On Theresa May's LBC Interview

11 May 2017, 20:36

Nigel Farage Thinks “Nothing Much Will Change” Under Theresa May

Nigel Farage gives his verdict on Theresa May's LBC interview.


As a man who has taken part in many debates during his time as Ukip leader, Nigel Farage has given his verdict on Theresa May’s interview with LBC.

The Prime Minister gave a wide-ranging interview with Nick Ferrari, from her plans for immigration to her signature dish in the kitchen.

It’s the first time during her election campaign that the Prime Minister has taken calls from members of the public.

Reacting to the landmark interview, Nigel noted that on the personal questions Mrs May sounded “a very self-assured, confident person”, but when it came to policy - he wasn’t as convinced.

He used the Prime Minister’s attempts to dodge a question on tax rises as one example where he felt she could do better.

Nigel said: “Nick Ferrari pushed her again and again: ‘Are you going to raise taxes?’ and she answers: ‘We have no plans to raise taxes’.

“You know that means at some point she can raise taxes and say: ‘look I never ever lied to the British public’.”

Nigel concluded: “I got the impression that if she wins the election not very much will change, but that's not a reason to say that she won't win the election because it's all about her versus the competition.”

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