Former Prison Officer Tells Farage What’s Wrong With UK Jails In 2017

13 February 2017, 21:06

farage angry

A former prison officer who spent 16 years in the job told Nigel Farage why UK jails are now in such crisis.

LBC caller Matthew from Newcastle rang Nigel to vent at the lack of “discipline and respect” inside Britain’s prisons in 2017.

“We owned those landings, nobody disrespected us but we also showed respect to the inmates,” Matthew told Nigel.

“It’s a disciplined service and it needs to return to discipline. All this nonsense of televisions, radio and games… rubbish! Lock them up, keep them behind the doors, give them what they’re entitled to, then let them out and start rehabilitating them!”

Nigel asked whether Matthew thought there was an argument for helping prisoners adapt to the outside world while in jail.

Matthew responded: “The prison service is finished. As it is now, the inmates rule the prisons!”

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