Farage Stumped By Caller's Reason Why We Must Respect Immigrants Living In The UK

28 March 2017, 20:41

Nigel Farage - 28th March 2017

Stuart argued that the children of immigrants living in the UK are going to be the "next generation of British citizens".

Caller Tells Farage: We Need To Respect Immigrants Living In The UK

Caller ells Nigel Farage it's key that we respect the immigrants living in the UK.


Stuart called the Nigel Farage Show to tell the LBC presenter that although he would like to see a fall in the number of people emigrating from Europe to the UK, he strongly believes that the immigrants who are already living in the UK need to be "respected". 

He said: "We have to respect the immigrants who are already living here because their children are going to be the next generation of British citizens."

Both Stuart and Nigel agreed that if there was to be a cap on EU immigration then British workers need to be trained before taking on skilled work from European labour working in the UK. 

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