Fed Up Trump-Supporting Russian Tells Farage He Feels "Duped"

10 April 2017, 20:38

Fed Up Trump-Supporting Russian Tells Farage He Feels "Duped"

This Russian caller was a Donald Trump supporter up until the US President authorised an airstrike in Syria last week.


Russian-born Alexi was thrilled when Donald Trump was elected back in November, but not so much anymore.

The LBC caller said he felt “duped” by the US President’s strike on Syria in response to a chemical attack allegedly carried out by the Assad regime.

He phoned Nigel Farage, hoping the LBC presenter would be able to have a word with Trump, after the pair previously dined out together.

“Trump ran on the idea that he'd put Americans first,” Alexi told Nigel. “He would stop all these interventions and he has basically broken his biggest promise which is America first.

Alexi added: “I think people like you should really hold Trump to this.”

Nigel has criticised the US strike on a Syrian Government airbase, warning it could lead to similar consequences to the West’s intervention in Iraq and Libya.

“I really hope that Trump resists all of this, so I haven't given up faith,” Nigel said.

Trying to remain optimistic, Alexi continued: “When Donald Trump won the presidency and he was talking about how he was going to improve relations with Russia, as a Russian person I was so happy.

“I couldn't wait for him to meet with Putin because we all know there's no real reason for Russia and the West to be at each other.”

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