Owen Jones: The NHS Is Our Proudest Institution But Our Government Is Ruining It

19 August 2017, 15:11

Owen gave a damning assessment of what the current government is doing to the UK's "proudest institution" - the NHS.

Stephen Hawking has criticised the Conservative Government for its handling of the NHS and accused Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt of "abusing" science.

The renowned physicist and lifelong Labour supporter said Mr Hunt was "cherry-picking" scientific research into the so-called "weekend effect".

But Mr Hunt hit back and took to Twitter to say: "Stephen Hawking is (a) brilliant physicist but wrong on lack of evidence for weekend effect."

Read more: Stephen Hawking spars with Jeremy Hunt over NHS

Owen Jones gave his take on the situation - and asked his listeners who they would trust more.

Watch the clip to hear what he has to say.

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