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Shelagh Fogarty - Latest Clips

Shelagh Fogarty explaining

Why Islam Doesn't Deserve Special Protection From Mockery In Britain

2 days ago

Hiroshima Survivour Setsuko Thurlow

'People Were Carrying Their Eyeballs' Hiroshima Survivor On Nuclear Devastation

5 days ago

Westminster Bridge Attack Aftermath

"I Saw Boots Hit The Window On The Top Deck Of The Bus"

7 days ago

Shelagh Fogarty Trump Sexism

"What Is The Crime?" Shelagh Meets The Most Hard-Headed Trump Defender

9 days ago

Shelagh Fogarty Theresa May Scottish Independence

'Theresa May's Stance On Scottish Independence Is Hypocritical' Says Shelagh

12 days ago

The Queen

Caller's Brilliant Point About The Queen And Brexit

13 days ago

helagh Laughing During EU DIspute With Caller

Caller Tells Shelagh That You Can't Be An EU Citizen And British

19 days ago