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Shelagh Fogarty Isis flag

Muslim Caller Explains Why The Media Must Stop Using The Name “Isis”

2 days ago

Camila Batmanghelidjh

Ex-Kids Company Volunteer Calls LBC To Confront Camila Batmanghelidjh

3 days ago

Shelagh Fogarty

Detective Says She’s Quitting Force Because Cuts Have Left Police So Overstretched

4 days ago

Peter Bone

Peter Bone Warns Remain MPs Could End Up Keeping Britain Inside The EU

4 days ago

Shelagh Fogarty Naomi Wolf

Watch: Shelagh Fogarty And Naomi Wolf Clash During Harvey Weinstein Debate

7 days ago

Shelagh Fogarty

The Very Entertaining Call From An Air Pollution Denier

14 days ago

Grant Shapps, Theresa May, Shelagh Fogarty

Infuriated Caller Brands Grant Shapps An “Utterly Spineless Weasel”

14 days ago