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Shelagh Fogarty - Latest Clips

Shelagh Fogarty takes on Trump fan.

Shelagh Confronts Caller Who Won't Call Charlottesville Protesters “Neo-Nazis”

3 days ago

Shelagh Fogarty challenges caller who says the Grenfell inquiry will lead to a "cover up".

Shelagh Takes On Caller Who Claims Grenfell Inquiry Will Lead To “Cover Up”

4 days ago

Shelagh had little time for Tom's claim people "should stick to their own group"

Remarkable Moment Shelagh Receives Call From A White Nationalist

5 days ago

Shelagh Fogarty

Moped Gangs Now Run The Streets Of Britain, Ex-Policeman Warns

16 days ago

Lord Sugar / Vote Leave bus

Lord Sugar Says Pro-Brexit Ministers Should Be Charged Over £350m NHS Claim

19 days ago

Shelagh takes on one anti-migrant caller

Shelagh Takes On Anti-Migrant Caller Lamenting Loss Of "White British" Culture

23 days ago

EDl Shelagh Fogarty

Ex-EDL Member Pinpoints The Moment His View On Migrants Changed Forever

23 days ago