Shelagh Takes On Caller Who Claims Grenfell Inquiry Will Lead To “Cover Up”

15 August 2017, 14:47

This caller from Welling believes the inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire is going to lead to a “cover up” - but when Shelagh challenged him, things turned very heated.

Bob called LBC as the inquiry into the tragic blaze officially began today (Tuesday).

The actions of Kensington and Chelsea Council are to be considered in the investigation, headed up by judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

Shelagh Fogarty challenges caller who says the Grenfell inquiry will lead to a "cover up".
Picture: LBC/PA

Questions on social housing will not be in its remit, although Theresa May said she was “determined” no question will be left “unanswered”.

The first inquiry hearing will be held on 14 September, with an initial report by Easter.

Bob, however, didn’t think this was good enough as he told Shelagh this inquiry was going to lead to “cover up”.

He claimed there was “nobody” working at the site of the fire, adding: “You’d expect to see cranes, you’d expect to see exterior lifts with people coming in and out and doing things, there’s nothing going on!”

When Shelagh challenged him, Bob claimed the LBC presenter was making him look like a “chump”.

But it wasn’t just Shelagh who was questioning his allegations, but other LBC listeners too.

Sammy tweeted: “Can assure the last caller that work is going on. My friend is Met Police and has been searching building by hand for remains. Horrific job.”

Watch the pair’s clash above.

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