Shelagh Gets Very Honest As She Challenges Farage

5 April 2017, 15:00

Shelagh Tells Nigel Farage: I Don't Believe You Represent The UK Well

Shelagh gets very honest with Nigel Farage.


They might be LBC colleagues but Shelagh Fogarty was determined to hold Nigel Farage to account in this sparky interview.

In a broad-ranging interview that moved from Gibraltar to the Good Friday Agreement to Farage's "Mafia" comments, Shelagh was very direct in her questioning of the former Ukip leader.

WATCH: Farage's "Mafia" Comment Jeered In EU Parliament

But the exchange between the two stepped up a notch when the issue of Northern Ireland's post-Brexit future came up and when Shelagh got blunt about Nigel representing Britain abroad.

"Do you believe, because I'll be honest with you, colleague to colleague, I don't believe that you represent our country well when you leave these shores. Do you believe that you do?"

"Well, I've helped get this country out of the EU," said Farage, "That's good enough for me."

Shelagh: "That's it?" See how Nigel responded - and more of their feisty interaction above. Nigel Farage is back on LBC this evening at 7pm.

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