"She's A Tyrant!" Shelagh Fogarty Takes Call From Pupil Whose Teachers "Don't Care."

28 June 2017, 16:41

"She&squot;s a tyrant!"

"She's a tyrant!"


Pupil tells Shelagh Fogarty that teachers "act completely differently" infront of parents and Ofsted.

The pupil, Leigh, said that the teachers were acting “so different” at a recent parents evening.

Shelagh suggested that pupils see the way that teachers act and think “I can get away with this”.

The pupil replied “I think so. They know the teacher is not going to do anything.”

Shelagh Fogerty Pupil Call

After the caller used an example of favouritism, Shelagh said: “You know you don’t have to keep it within the school, you can take to the school governors.”

Leigh said she went to the head of the whole school, but nothing “really changed”.

She also explained that she was being picked on by her teachers, and was given a detention for “not smiling.”

Shelaigh exclaimed: “she can’t put on a detention form that a pupil failed to smile.

“She’s a tyrant!”

Watch the full clip above.

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