Tim Farron Refuses To Rule Out Possible Tory Coalition After Election

18 April 2017, 15:59

Tim Farron refuses to rule out possibility of coalition


The leader of the Liberal Democrats said the party is focusing on June 8, not what happens afterwards.

Farron was a critic of the coalition his party formed with David Cameron's Conservatives in 2010, but speaking to Shelagh Fogarty today, he did not categorically rule out the possibility that it could have again after the proposed general election on June 8.

"We're not going to talk about what happens on the 9th of June given that we don't know what's going to happen on the 8th."

Shelagh pushed the Liberal Democrat leader on the possibility of Theresa May needing a coalition with his party in order to form a government after June 8, but he would not reveal his position on it.

"My job is not to go out there and talk about other parties."

What is clear is that the party is planning to present itself as the choice for people who voted Remain and are pro-Europe.

"Our job is to set out our store and give people a chance to vote to for being in the single market, for the people to have the final say and for the British people to have a decent strong opposition once more."

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