Woman Who Helped Bring In Zero Hour Contracts Cries Over Their Impact

9 March 2016, 11:29


Sarah in Surbiton was one of the early advisers who argued for zero hour contracts to be brought in, but it's something she now regrets massively.

She sat on a government-appointed steering committee that recommended the controversial contracts be brought in.

But Sarah called Shelagh Fogarty and reflected bitterly on her decision - especially since her daughters have ended up miserable on zero hour contracts.

"I had to call in," she told Shelagh.

"When I hear anything about zero hours my blood boils and I also feel slightly guilty.

"I was in recruitment...I was part of a steering committee that was apportioned by the government to look at an EU directive that was coming through. We were all asked to not speak about this as it happening but I'm no longer in that field and I don't care so I'm going to speak about it."

She went on to explain to Shelagh what motivated her and the other members of the committee as they made the decision to introduce zero hours contracts.

Near the end, Sarah admitted: "It is for big business. It is to stop big businesses losing money...and I want to apologise."I'm so sorry."

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