Roger Moore's Wonderful Interview With Steve Allen Shows The Actor At His Best

23 May 2017, 17:22

Roger Moore's Wonderful Interview With Steve Allen Shows Him At His Best


In this wonderful archive interview from 2014, LBC's Steve Allen speaks with the late Roger Moore, who has died aged 89.

The iconic James Bond star, who played the famous spy in seven films, has died aged 89.

In 2014 he spoke to LBC's Steve Allen during his book tour for Last Man Standing: Tales From Tinseltown, and this clip shows the Hollywood royalty at his best.

Steve Allen asked him why he still does book tours. Sir Roger said: "People say why do you do it? And I cast my mind back to my first audition at RADA, it was the first time I had ever walked on a stage. 

"I remember standing in the wings, they were called wings then, I stood there and I heard my name, and I knew then I had to go one and recite.

"I took a deep breath, I walked up and I felt that I was in this frame and that I was an actor. I thought 'this is what I want to do'. This is one way of getting back to that feeling. 

"Standing, waiting to go on, listening to the hubub of the audience, then it dies down when the bell goes, and then you hear the swish of the curtains, you take a deep breath and you walk on."  

Sir Roger also spoke of his charity work and the importance of staying grounded. 

He told Steve: "Once you've seen what suffering is, and you've seen what poverty is, you don't go back on it, you don't turn the other cheek. 

"My mother said to me 'I cried because I had no shoes until I saw the man with no feet', so always be aware an conscious'." 

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