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Stig Abell - Latest Clips

Norman Lamb didn't hold back with his view on Big Ben

Norman Lamb: 'There Are More Important Things To Worry About Than Big Ben'

2 days ago

Stig lambasts Trump following the Charlottesville riots Photo: PA/LBC

Racists Don't Need To Wear Hoods Anymore Thanks To Trump, Says Stig

9 days ago

Stig Abell was told about a shocking case of discrimination by one LBC caller.

Caller’s Shocking Tale Of Discrimination Because Of His Muslim-Sounding Name

15 days ago

In an interview with Stig Abell, Lib Dem Leader Vince Cable compared the desire for complete sovereignty to a desire to be like North Korea

Vince Cable Compares Extreme Brexiteers' Idea Of 'Total Sovereignty' To North Korea

16 days ago

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