'Floundering' Tory Government Are 'Dangerous', Says Stig Abell

16 July 2017, 17:07

'Floundering' Tory government are dangerous, says Stig

Amid the squabbles, arguments and leaking to the press in the Conservative party, Stig reminds listeners that 'These idiots are supposed to be running the country'.


'These idiots are supposed to be running the country.'

LBC presenter Stig Abell says that he's already fed up with the "embarrassingly, publicly, floundering and fighting" newly formed government, branding them "dangerous". 

Stig outlined the type of headlines the Conservatives are making in the current climate, from alledged sexist comments from the Chancellor Philip Hammond to reports that even Theresa May's husband Philip May has advised the Prime Minister to step down. 

He said: "There's another leak from the Spectator's garden party for the terminally posh, squiffy and chinless of West London, we hear that a Boris Johnson ally and a David Davis ally squared up and threatened to kick each other in the balls. 

"Now you might find this funny - I kind of find it funny - but there's a serious point here that I want to reflect on: These idiots are supposed to be running the country not scrapping with each other."

He added that whilst the party are fighting amongst themselves, they are not making the best decisions for the country, branding them "dangerous". 

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