Trump Fan Tells Stig: "Proper Men" Do Grab Women's Genitalia

3 July 2017, 07:38

Trump's Fan Has Most Bizarre Defence Of US President Yet

Trump's Fan Has Most Bizarre Defence Of US President Yet


This is the bizarre moment a Donald Trump fan claimed the US President did nothing wrong when he said he would grab women's genitalia, because that's what proper men do.

Tiberius called Stig Abell to defend Mr Trump after he was criticised for tweeting a video of him bodyslamming WWE owner Vince McMahon during an appearance in the wrestling show - but with the CNN logo on top of Mr McMahon's head.

He insisted that Trump isn't racist as a lot of black people voted for him and can't be sexist because a lot of women voted for him.

Donald Trump's CNN Bodyslam

Donald Trump's CNN Bodyslam


Stig insisted that just because women voted for him, that doesn't mean he isn't sexist. He asked Tiberius about his comments on "grabbing the genitalia of a woman".

But Tiberius simply responded: "I'd do that."

When Stig called him out on it, Tiberius added: "I'm a proper man. What made you such a prude?"

Stig Abell Donald Trump

Watch the remarkable call above.

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