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Minimum alcohol pricing has been introduced in Scotland

Alex Salmond: Why Minimum Alcohol Pricing Is Vital To Britain

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Salmond and Trump

Alex Salmond Was Not Amused By Caller Who Said Donald Trump Doing "Amazing Job"

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Alex Salmond

Tory MP Insists The UK Is "Checking Out And Leaving" EU

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Alex Salmond Polls

Salmond Really Doesn't Like Iain Telling Him About Independence Polls

8 months ago

Alex Salmond LBC Studio Wide

The Alex Salmond Phone-In - Watch It Live From 4pm

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Alex Salmond Pained

Alex Salmond Given Some Home Truths About Scotland By Iain Dale

9 months ago

Alex Salmond laughing

What Happened When Caller Accused Alex Salmond Of Being Sturgeon's Puppet Master

10 months ago