Alex Salmond's Shot At Corbyn's PMQs Questioning Backfires

26 October 2016, 18:36

Alex Salmond caught

The SNP MP said Corbyn missed an open goal by not pressing Theresa May on leaked speech - but his criticism came back to bite him.

A speech that Theresa May gave to Goldman Sachs prior to the referendum, when she said that companies would leave the UK if the country voted for Brexit, came to light today.

Alex Salmond on Corbyn's questioning of May.


During his LBC phone-in, Alex Salmond criticised Jeremy Corbyn, calling his performance at PMQs 'lamentable' for not cornering the PM on the revelations and missing an 'open goal'.

"It's the easiest of pressings; are you still of this view? Did you change your mind? When did you change your mind?

"It [the revelations] must have been deeply embarrassing for the Prime Minister. And yet we didn't go into any of that."

But this left Alex and the SNP open to a rather embarrassing question:

"So I take it Angus Robertson did ask the question?" Iain asked, referring to the SNP deputy leader in the House of Commons.

"Uh, no. He didn't ask that question."

"Ah! Ah!" Iain pointed out that if Jeremy Corbyn had missed an open goal by not asking the question, then Angus Robertson did too.

You can watch the whole phone-in here, where Alex addresses Scottish independence vs EU membership, why Scots outside Scotland can't vote in a referendum and Donald Trump.

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