Salmond: ‘Poisonous’ Leave Campaign Responsible For Political Turmoil

26 June 2016, 18:54

Alex Salmond leave campaign

Alex Salmond says that the turmoil that faces the country after the EU referendum is due to the poisonous anti-immigrant rhetoric from the leave campaign.

Talking to LBC’s Stig Abell he said that the inflexible nature of the leave camps demands has caused the chaos in the political system.

“This whole business that the UK is in at the moment is the disintegration, the disarray, the end of the prime minister then end of the leader of the opposition probably.”

“All of this was unnecessary,and even with people who wanted to leave the European Union. The difficulty of it was, that if the anti-European Union side had put forward look, we are going for Norway, we are going for Switzerland, we are going for the the European Economic Union or we are going for efta, none of this dislocation would have happened.”

“The problem of course was is that they founded their campaign, not against the European Union, they founded their campaign effectively against immigration.”

“And the difficulty that would allow the economy to continue without too much hassle as it would have in the EEA is that it would have meant free movement of people, which would have been against the nature of the campaign they been fighting.”

“Effectively we are left with this chaos and the potential for economic downside, because of the poisons nature of the political campaign.”

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