Salmond vs Dale: Their Most Heated Brexit Row Yet?

8 March 2017, 21:18

Alex Salmond And Iain Dale Get Under Each Other's Skin On Brexit

These two are still friends, despite this unforgiving argument about Brexit, Article 50, Scotland...and more!


Here it is in full: the moment that Iain Dale and Alex Salmond really went at each other in an argument about Brexit.

Although they often cross swords on the Alex Salmond Phone-In, this was one of the most heated exchanges that the former First Minister and the LBC presenter have yet had.

"I still don't understand why you are going to resist the will of the people, they voted for's a simple bill, four lines, why won't you respect the will of the British people and vote to trigger Article 50?" asked Iain.

Salmond fired back: "I don't believe the Prime Minister has a mandate to take the country out of the Single Market."

"The mandate was 52-48!" replied Iain, but that was just the start of their debate.

You can see it full above - and do make sure to check out the point at 2 minutes and 25 seconds in, when Iain reminds Alex Salmond of one key fact about Scotland's role in the Brexit debate...

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