Tory MP Insists The UK Is "Checking Out And Leaving" EU

29 July 2017, 11:34

Nigel Evans MP Assures Alex Salmond Brexit Will Happen

Nigel Evans MP Assures Alex Salmond Brexit Will Happen


A Conservative MP has told Alex Salmond the Chancellor is NOT preparing to take control of the Brexit agenda - while the Prime Minister is on holiday.

Nigel Evans was speaking to LBC following comments by Philip Hammond who said there will be a "business as usual" period once Britain leaves the European Union in 2019.

Mr Evans, who is also Secretary of the 1922 Committee, also told Alex the next general election will NOT be a "second referendum on Brexit - if the Chancellor gets his way.

Alex Samond was sitting in for Matt Frei who is away on holiday.

Alex Salmond
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