Steve Allen Gets Emotional While Reminiscing About His Time On LBC

27 May 2017, 07:26

Steve Allen Gets Emotional During In Conversation Special


Steve Allen became teary-eyed as he reminisced over the decades he has spent on-air at LBC.

During a special “In Conversation”, the long-serving LBC legend became the interviewee rather than the interviewer to discuss his life with James O’Brien.

Talking about his time behind the microphone, Steve said he had been “seriously lucky” to have been able to present his show for so long.

“I’m not doing it for any other reason than for the good of the station because LBC and I go back a long, long way.”

During the heartfelt chat, Steve explained how he was “profoundly moved” during a recent LBC reunion, where former colleagues who are no longer with us were remembered.

“I found it really, profoundly moving because I thought a lot of these people won’t know who these people are, but I worked with them.”

As he became emotional, Steve continued: “It’s affecting me now, because I just thought they were all really just special.”

You can watch the whole interview in full below.

In Conversation With Steve Allen: The Full Interview


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