Labour Mayoral Debate: The Nine Things We Learnt

13 August 2015, 22:54

Iain Dale Selfie with Labour Mayoral candidates

These are the nine most memorable things we took away from tonight's LBC London Mayoral Hustings with Iain Dale.

Labour London Mayor debate

(Mark Thomas / Rex Features)

1. David Lammy really, really doesn't like Uber

David Lammy Gets Passionate About Black Cabs!

The Labour Mayoral hopeful got very passionate as he defended the "institution" that is London's black cabs - and rounded on Uber.


2. Sadiq Khan won't work for Jeremy Corbyn

Sadiq Khan Says He Wouldn't Serve In A Jeremy Corbyn Cabinet

The Labour MP and mayoral hopeful admits he wouldn't work for Jeremy Corbyn if the Islington MP was elected Labour leader.


3. Tessa Jowell has no regrets about anything

Ask Me Anything: Tessa Jowell

Tessa faces questions from the other candidates to be Labour's candidate for London Mayor in 2016.


4.Diane Abbott thinks she's the best known of the Labour candidates

Ask Me Anything: Diane Abbott

Diane faces questions from the other candidates to be Labour's candidate for London Mayor in 2016.


5. Sadiq Khan thinks "they jury is out" on all four leadership candidates

"Jury's Out" Over All Labour Leadership Candidates, Says Sadiq

Sadiq Khan defended his nomination of Jeremy Corbyn, saying the jury is still out on all of the candidates.


6. David Lammy shouted "What is your mind?" as he branded Sadiq Khan a flip-flopper

"What Is Your Mind?" Lammy Blasts Flip-Flopper Khan

David Lammy slammed Mayoral rival Sadiq Khan for regularly changing his mind for political reasons, branding him a flip-flopper.


7. Diane Abbott isn't one of those insincere politicians who refers to callers' names

Diane Abbott Doesn't Remember Callers' Names

Most politicians mention the caller's name when they are replying to them. Not Diane Abbott.


8. Most of the candidates have a strange idea of what is romantic!

Where Would The Candidates Go On A Romantic Date?

The "And Finally" question: where would you go on a romantic date? The candidates had some rather unusual choices.


9. The candidates love a selfie (and so does Iain!)

Iain Dale Selfie with Labour Mayoral candidates



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