Cologne Sex Attacks Will Happen In UK, Says Farage

22 January 2016, 09:41

Cologne Sex Attacks Will Happen In UK, Says Farage

Nigel Farage On Cologne, and how it will happen here.


Nigel Farage has told LBC that the sex attacks that shocked Cologne on New Year's Eve will happen in the UK.

A group of 1,000 migrants sexually assaulted a large number of women in the German city, while similar attacks have been seen in Sweden.

Ukip leader Mr Farage insists it is a big problem and it will come to Britain.

Speaking on Phone Farage on LBC, he said: "There was a poll in the Mail on Sunday last week, saying the Out side had a six-point lead. That, I suspect, was a reaction to Cologne.

"I think a lot of women are saying 'Goodness gracious me, if we vote to stay in, is this what's coming to this country?'."

When Nick Ferrari asked if he believes that will happen, Mr Farage said: "Yes, of course it is.

"Those 1,000 young men that were outside the train station in Cologne will, within three to four years, have German passports, which means effectively they can come here. There is a problem with this.

"Maybe Mr Cameron's speech at the beginning of the week was right: if we control things and integrate people, then we're not going to have these problems.

"But if vast numbers of people who speak a different language turn up in our towns and cities, we are going to have huge social problems."

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