Farage: Remainers Making 17m People Angry Calling For Second Vote

27 November 2016, 11:34

Nigel Farage Bemused

After Tony Blair and Sir John Major called for a second referendum, Nigel Farage compares them to the Hammer House of Horrors and says they risk making 17m Leave voters very angry indeed.

Nigel Farage Compares Remainers To Hammer House Of Horrors

The former Ukip leader has a warning for Remainers - keep calling for a second referendum and you'll be making 17m people very angry.


Pointing to the "good grace" with which Hillary Clinton accepted Trump's win, Farage asked why Remainers couldn't do the same with Brexit.

"Whether Tony Blair used to wear red rosettes and John Major blue rosettes and Tim Farron orange rosettes, I think they're all the same party.

"They are the political elite in this country that have led us in the wrong direction for decades. That I think, as much as anything, is why we voted Brexit. I thought they were finished.

"I thought politically they were dead and yet like the Hammer House of Horror this arm is creeping out of the coffin that says perhaps we should have a second referendum and stay inside the European Union."

And the former Ukip leader says that they risk really sparking a reaction from the millions who voted out.

"I have to say the whole thing makes me really, really angry.

"I think there are 17.4m people out there who voted Brexit despite being told it was the wrong thing to do and I really think it would be a big mistake if these people get pushed too far."

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