Nigel Farage Explains Why He Stepped Down

10 July 2016, 12:34

"I've got my life back" Nigel Farage explains his surprise decision to step down as UKIP leader.

Talking on a special LBC show, Farage explained his reasons for taking a step back from frontline politics, after winning the the EU referendum.

"All these years on, we've had a referendum. We've won.

"I have achieved my goal, We will leave the EU. Yes, the terms are to be sorted out but I personally feel that I cannot do any more."

"Frankly, and your seeing a bit of it with what is happening with Andrea Leadsom in the last 48 hours. Life in the front lines of politics is not particularly easy."

"I have found for most of the last few years it’s a hundred hours a week, it’s seven days a week, and whilst I’ve enjoyed lots of it, with that is a lot of stick, a lot of abuse."

"I’m not saying I can't take it - I can, but it struck me that now is a very very good moment to spend a bit of time with people I want to spend time with."

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