Nigel Farage To Lead Fleet Down Thames

3 June 2016, 11:35

Farage's Fleet: Ukip Leader To Sail To Westminster In Fishing Protest

Nigel Farage says he will be bringing a fleet of fishing vessels up the Thames to protest against EU fisheries codes.


Nigel Farage announced on LBC his plans to sail a fleet of fishing boats down the Thames in a protest against the EU.

The Ukip leader joined Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio to take your calls and questions on the EU referendum and one key issue for him this morning was fisheries.

Claiming the UK fishing industry had been decimated because of regulations from Brussels, Farage announced a stunt he hoped would focus attention on the issue.

"You are about to hear a lot about the fishing industry.

"It's not really out on general release, but as it's LBC, we ought to do it first here. On the 15th June, I will be boarding a small trawler in Southend-on-Sea at 5am - so not much point going to bed really - we will catch the flood tide.

"There will be 60 boats in a flotilla coming up the Thames and we will arrive outside the Palace of Westminster at midday. It wll be big, visual and dramatic.

"The demand will be clear: we want out waters back."

Asked by Nick who would join the "Farage Fleet", the Ukip leader - who said he'd eat eggs and bacon for breakfast on the boat - claimed that other politicians were welcome.

"Perhaps the public have seen a bit too much of cabinet minister visiting factories, wearing hard hats.

"This vote could regenerate a whole British industry."

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