London Mayor Sadiq Khan Condemns Southern Rail Unions

20 December 2016, 18:44

Sadiq Khan Iain Dale

Iain Dale put Mayor of London Sadiq Khan under real pressure about the state of transport in the capital - including forcing him to give a straight answer on the Southern Rail unions.

Just moments after Sadiq described Iain's criticism of Transport for London as "unfair", the LBC presenter turned up the heat on Khan about the chaotic Southern rail strike.

Sadiq Khan Doesn't Hold Back On Southern Chaos

Sadiq Khan condemns the two unions at the centre of the neverending Southern Rail strikes.


It's brought misery to thousands of London commuters and so Iain wanted to know: would the Mayor condemn the RMT and Aslef, the unions at the centre of the dispute?

"Let's get this straight, you actually condemn the RMT and Aslef for going on strike?" asked Iain.

"I think strike is a sign of failure.

"I think they should go back to [conciliation service] Acas and resolve the dispute amicably."

That wasn't good enough for Iain who insisted that Sadiq make it clear if he was condemning those unions or not.

"I have!" insisted the Mayor, who added that the unions need to call off their strikes in order to help resolve their battle with operator Govia Thameslink.

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