How Are Custard Slices Cut, So That They Don't Lose Any Of The Filling?

26 July 2017, 16:31

Custard Slice

This caller struggles to eat custard slices, because the filling all falls out when he bites down, and was left wondering how they were sliced - however the caller is not as he seems...


How are custard slices cut so that the filling stays inside?



Steve tried to answer his own question, but James said it would be breaking the rules of Mystery Hour!

The answer was given to us by someone else, who said it can be done one of three ways; with a really long sharp knife that cuts the slice slowly, with a mould that keeps all the filling inside when it cuts down or they are sometimes put in the fridge so the filling solidifies, making it easier to cut.

Daniel, Liverpool

Qualification: Amateur baker who watches youtube videos to perfect his own method.

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