When Was The First Joke?


Why do we call some alcoholic drinks 'spirits'?

a radio

Why do USA radio stations have 'W' or 'K' in the name?

Life saving buoy

Why Do We Say 'Man Alive'?

The Earth

Do People Affect The Mass Of The Earth?

Shooting Star

Where Is The Asteroid In Mexico?

LBC Studio

Why Does It Rain "Cats And Dogs"?

LBC Studio

Why Do Americans Say "Erb" Not "Herb"?

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Where Does "Going Commando" Come From?

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Why Can We Say Badly But Not Goodly?

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What's The Difference Between A Psychopath And Sociopath?

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Where Does ‘The Real McCoy’ Come From?

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Why Is A Recorder Called A Recorder If It Doesn’t Record?