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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Russia The Greatest Threat Since WW2: NATO

Thursday 4th September 2014

A NATO spokesman has told LBC that Russia's activity in Ukraine is the greatest threat to Europe since the Second World War.

vladimir putin

Russia's Foreign Minister is warning that Ukraine's NATO ambitions are threatening to derail peace talks and this situation is high on the agenda at the NATO summit in South Wales.

NATO spokesman Tony White told us:"I think this is the greatest threat we've faced since the Second World War.

"They've effectively redrawn the map of Europe. They've sent 3,000 hardened combat troops to a nation that borders the allies of NATO.

"Where does he stop, where will he stop?"

Mr White also said that there were a lot of similarities between the way Vladimir Putin and Adoplf Hitler operate.

He added: "He is capable of even greater atrocities and breaking international obligations. And you can see that by sending combat troops into a nation in Europe just how far he'll go.

"Similar to what Hitler did, he also used a hybrid war, using information, influence, what we call little green men who go in in the middle of the night and cause trouble."

Russia deny that they have sent troops over the border into Ukraine.