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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Sadiq Khan Winning Race To Be London Mayor: Poll

Thursday 7th January 2016

Exclusive research for LBC suggests Sadiq Khan is winning the race to be London Mayor.

The YouGov poll for LBC gives the Labour candidate a ten-point head-to-head lead - 55% to 45% - over his Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith - up four points in a month.

Taking into account all the candidates, the poll says 31% of Londoners would vote for Khan to be the next Mayor of London, up from 26% in November. This now gives him a seven-point lead over Goldsmith who has 24% of the vote unchanged from November.

Joe Twyman, the Head of Political and Social Research at YouGov, told LBC: "The key thing for me is the percentage of Conservative supporters who are going for Zac and the percentage of Labour supporters going for Sadiq.

"Those numbers are similar and that is crucial, because it means that we may find Labour is leading in London and Sadiq will lead because of that.

"Last time around, Boris Johnson overperformed compared to the Conservatives and so was able to overcome a lead that Labour had in London to win the Mayoralty.

"The challenge that Zac Goldsmith now faces is to win over the some of those people. The good news for him is that nearly a third of people in the survey said they don't know who they are going to vote for."

Zac Goldsmith Sadiq Khan

Asa Bennett, the Assistant Comment Editor at the Daily Telegraph, told LBC that Zac Goldsmith's team does not need to be too worried, saying: "Boris has shown he can come from behind. For example, in the 2012 campaign, about six months before, Johnson was at 39% and Livingstone at 45%. So this is very surmountable.

"The thing that people aren't looking at is second preferences. When it comes down to it, Zac will have the Greens in the bag who would love to vote for the former editor of the Ecologist Magazine. He'll have Ukip in the bag, given he's a Eurosceptic.

"But Sadiq will be under threat from some left-wing voters who are going to be tempted by George Galloway, who is trying to out-Corbyn Sadiq."

Political correspondents across London blamed Mr Goldsmith's lack of policies for the poor polling: