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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Samsung Galaxy Tab

samsung galaxy

samsung galaxyWhat is it?
Samsung's brand new touchscreen tablet, aimed at being an iPad killer.

What does it do?
The Galaxy Tab does many of the same things as the iPad - music, film, books etc - but has an even higher spec. Despite being smaller and lighter than it's Apple rival, you can make calls on it - and video calls, using it's camera, while all models have 3G and wi-fi connections. It also works with flash, meaning many of the websites that don't work on an iPad will work on the Tab. It runs on the Android platform, giving you access to thousands of apps.

What's it like?
I'm very impressed with how it responds to your touch and the addition of Flash is great, so web video looks good on it. And it even fits into your inside suit pocket.

TBC - to be available through operators.

It's a very desirable product. A great alternative to lugging your laptop around.